2023 Year In Review: My Favorites & The Not-So-Favorite Moments In a Nutshell

Lifestyle  |  CONNECTICUT

2023 began like any other year, with a new canvas full of positive ideas, but such is life that sometimes things don’t quite work out the way we plan or expect them to be. It…

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Turtlenecks I’m Loving Lately


A quick post to share some turtlenecks I’ve been loving as of late. Winter is officially here to stay (for the next several months anyway) and I’m so glad I’ve got these to keep me…

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Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Aside from what would be obvious holiday fatigue, the reason I don’t celebrate Christmas is of no surprise. It’s a little known fact (and one that many choose to ignore) is that Christmas has nothing…

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Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

The steals and deals of the year are finally here! If you’re feeling overwhelmed – I got you! Here I put together a list of some of the best sales I’m shopping for and my…

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My Little Darling Coco

Words can not even begin to express how I’m feeling. I shift between numbness and anger to sorrow and sometimes laughter when I think of my sweet little Coco. She was only ten years old.…

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Fair Isle Sweaters To Shop For

Fashion  |  Connecticut

Tomorrow begins the second to last month of the year (sigh). I can’t believe we’ve gotten through this quickly! And as we move on it’s also time to bring out my other favorite sweaters of…

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