13 Movies To Cozy Up To This Fall

The best thing about the fall season besides all the beautiful foliage is that I get to cuddle up with my favorite people. I love watching a good movie especially outside by a bonfire all wrapped up in a cozy blanket and hot cocoa in hand. The New England quintessential autumn weather makes it the best time to indulge in different fall activities and movie watching outside is one of my all time favorites!

Clearly there are so many great movies to choose from that it’s nearly impossible to know where to start. So, whether you’re having a fun night by the bonfire with friends or a cozy weekend on the couch, here’s a roundup of some movies I personally recommend. You can watch these whether you enjoy the cozy season indoors or out.

Movies To Watch This Fall
The Mummy

Let’s start with an all time favorite, the 1999 action-adventure film remake of the 1932 film of the same name, starring none other than the amazingly talented and handsome Brendan Fraser with costar beauty Rachel Weisz. This movie I think I’ve watched 100 times if not more since it’s release, I kid you not, that’s how much I love it. And I’ll be watching it 100 times more, again and again… of course you can always binge watch the trilogy.

The Wolfman

So we have a trend here. The Wolfman, the 2010 period remake horror of the 1941 film of the same title. It stars Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, a great cast, among others. They did an amazing job with the storyline and cinematography in bringing this one to life. It’s a fantastic horror remake although I still very much love the original with Lon Chaney, Jr.

Sleepy Hollow

Johnny Depp remains one of my favorite actors ever. Period. This Sleepy Hollow film is the 1999 gothic version directed by Tim Burton, based on Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. It follows constable Ichabod Crane who investigates a series of murders in a village haunted by a headless horseman. The film stars Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. 

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the 1984 action-adventure film starring Harrison Ford and directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s the second installment in the Indiana Jones film series and a prequel to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is probably my favorite of the franchise although they are all worth a weekend of binge watching.

The Age of Adaline

A fantasy drama with Blake Lively and Harrison Ford about a 29-year-old woman who has stopped aging – and the timeless power of love. So well done. Definitely a cuddle up with your love kinda movie.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Who doesn’t love E.T.? It’s one of the great American films that all families love and enjoy watching together. If you remember in this beloved tale a lost alien builds a remarkable friendship with a 10-year-old boy who helps him find a way back home.

The Lost Boys

I love vampire flicks and this one is a great contemporary version with some favorie old school cast. Starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim and Keifer Sutherland to name a few. A single mother and her two sons move to a sleepy seaside California town and soon discover a group of vampires. The soundtrack is awesome too.

The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules has all the traits of a feel good movie: the humane, the odd, and likable characters with profound life experiences; a storyline with morals, some zany and humorous, others wise and touching. Set in Maine during World War II, it follows the life of Homer Wells, an orphan who leaves his home and his tutor to explore the world. Features Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron and Paul Rudd.

The Birds

We can’t go without a great Hitchcock classic. Starring the original scream queen Tippi Hedren, The Birds is a 1963 natural ‘horror thriller’ by Alfred Hitchcock. It follows a series of violent bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California, over a few days.


A 1986 kind of coming of age film starring Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen. It’s perhaps my favorite Corey Haim film of his early career. A socially inept fourteen year old experiences heartbreak when his two best friends, an older-brother figure, and Maggie, the new girl he’s in love with, fall for each other.

The Goonies

I’m a Goonie at heart! To make way for a new golf course in the coastal town of Goon Docks, Oregon, residents face imminent foreclosure. Until a group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out to find a legendary pirate’s long-lost treasure to help keep their homes. A great adventure ensues!

Fright Night

I love a good vampire movie and this 1985 is an oldie but goodie! I fell in love with Chris Sarandon in this movie and still love him to this day. In this film a teenager believes that the newcomer in his neighborhood is a vampire. He turns to an actor in a television horror show for help to deal with the undead. (The 2011 remake with Collin Farrell was a complete disaster imo!)

School Ties

I really love this movie. Another great film starring Brendan Fraser and supported by what was an amazing up and coming cast. The drama is set in the 1950s New England. A Jewish teen who gets a football scholarship to an elite boys’ prep school. He’s a good role model in showing integrity in the face of others’ bigotry and bad behavior.


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