Pretty in Pink

It’s not often that I wear pink. Aside from my Lilly Pulitzer dresses that usually display an array of colors, pink is just not one of those colors I wear often. I’m not exactly sure why because it’s such a pretty color. With that, I look forward to the spring season when it ushers in the pastels.

Although we’re still a ways away from the start of the spring season, I’m finding it increasingly hard to resist this lovely color. The VD holiday must be the culprit. All the red and pinks everywhere and you just can’t help but be drawn to it. I like to think of it as a means to detach from the cold. Did you catch the window scene?..

  • I’m wearing this super cute pink and white colorblock sweater. I found several other pink sweaters like this one and this one perfect for a laid back weekend sitting by a fire. Here’s a luxury version to cover you.
  • I love the cut on these soft jersey pants. Not quite joggers and certainly not leggings. They’re roomy, comfy and cozy. You can find another option here.
  • When at home you can’t go wrong with cozy slippers. This color makes them ever so cute!
  • Whether at home or out and about, I use this fantastic natural glow enhancer lotion, available in four shades. It is the best for getting that summer glow all year!
  • I’ve also been using Pop Beauty’s new palette collection of warm, flushed hues. This light reflecting illuminator seamlessly blends onto the skin for an ethereal finish, luminous glow. Available in four color palettes.
  • My recent go-to for pouty lips is Pop’s Plump Pout in fuchsia freesia.
  • To give more drama to my makeup look, I’ve been using these AMAZING magnetic lashes. Trust me when I say they are hands down the best I’ve found yet! Super easy to wear and you can reuse them many times over before getting a new set. THEY ARE THE BEST! Make sure to get the magnet liner. You can visit the website here for more styles and lengths. I love the babygirl!
  • Finish your makeup with this lovely Rose Glow Mist.
  • Sip your espresso in style with this super cute set, or opt for a more traditional style with these.


We’re almost halfway through the month of February and yet another snowfall is heading our way over the weekend. Unfortunately the local ski slopes are booked to the hills leaving us with little options for skiing. This makes me find more reasons to stay cozied up in the house.

I’ll be in the kitchen baking a favorite pound cake that is made with a little twist. Take a gander at my Brown Butter Pound Cake recipe here. It’s a popular cake that everyone loves. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! đź’•

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