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✈️ Today’s post is literally on real time! These pics were taken minutes upon arrival at the airport before loading our plane. After being seated and I got myself comfortable for the flight was able to finish this post in time to share with you.

With a long plane ride ahead, I wanted to ensure my travel is as comfortable and stress free as possible. I get major, and I mean major anxiety days leading to boarding a plane. I don’t like flying and I’m terrified of heights! The thought of having nothing but clouds beneath my feet cause me to hyperventilate, (currently loading up on dramamine)… Packing also adds another layer of unnecessary stress that I rather not have so in order to keep my anxiety level to a minimum, I try to get my packing done days in advance. This also helps to minimize forgetting something. The following is a compilation of some of my personal tips and essentials for comfy, stress-free travel.Delsey luggage.



  • DO wear clothing and footwear that can easily transition from one climate to another. Avoid tight fitting clothes or heels, leave that for the celebrities and their entourage. Sitting for a long period of time will get quite uncomfortable very quick.

TIP: A good pair of leggings or jeans with soft and stretchy material is best. A loose top that’ll cover your butt if wearing leggings or a comfy long sleeve tee with stretchy jeans are good combos without sacrificing style. A simple loose fitting dress is totally acceptable and very chic. A vest is also a great option while a large scarf or wrap works double duty when it gets cold in the plane. They’re also easy to stash into your hand luggage. Slip-ons or kicks are great choices and flat boots are best for winter travel.


  • Do travel with a durable spinner suitcase. Traveling with a spinner does wonders and takes mounds off travel stress! My Large Delsey Chatelet hardside spinner has four awesome wheels that glides effortlessly. I use this suitcase as a checked item and the packing interior ensures I stay under the 50 lb. limit for most airlines. I use the medium Delsey spinner for shorter trips, like a weekend getaway, but it’s also the perfect size for packing Glor’s travel items for longer trips. Whatever you decide to invest in, remember that four wheels are better than two. BRIC’S and TUMI  are two other brands that offer some of the best in quality for frequent travel luggage.


  • Do pack a weekenderThe weekender is perfect as a carry-on. I load it with mostly shoes and large toiletries that I can’t tuck into the suitcase. It’s much roomier than you think and I get to fit everything neatly especially since I tend to over pack!


  • Do use a tote. I LOVE LLBean’s boat & totes for travel! Whether for a weekend trip or a long haul, these bags are sturdy, chic and incredibly roomy. I have several in different sizes which I use for different purposes. Don’t rely on just a handbag. I use my large boat & tote zip top as hand luggage. It’s the perfect ‘personal item’ tote. I can tuck a small handbag into it along with my laptop, camera, extra clothing, (socks, scarf, hat, cardigan), water bottle, clear makeup bag (see below), snacks, books, headphones and any other small tech items.

TIP: The large boat & tote zip top with long handles makes it easier to carry and helps distribute the weight better. The zipper closure ensures everything stays inside without the worry of having something fall out.

  • Do pack cosmetics bags. I use the big cosmetics bags for big toiletries, including hairbrushes. The medium and smaller bags I use for makeup and jewelry. You can find many of your favorite products in mini sizes at your local retail or drug store. I found these toiletries travel bags already packed with some of the items I use regularly. I also keep one of my clear waterproof makeup bags in my tote for easy on-the-go access. I pack it with makeup wipes, sunscreen, lipstick, facial moisturizing mist, hand sanitizer & lotion, eye contact storage & solution. This clear cosmetics bag set is fantastic and TSA compliant!

TIP: Over the years I’ve acquired a collection of cosmetics bag sets mainly due to purchases that included free bags from high-end retailers. It’s a great way to get your hands on some nice bags that do an awesome job at keeping all of your personal items organized. Also, remember all those sample beauty products you get from a purchase? They too come in handy and are perfect for travel!

Delsey luggage.Thanks for visiting friends and I hope you find my travel packing tips helpful. Stay connected with me via Instagram stories for real-time fun during our trip. Ciao!



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