Activewear To Get You Motivated

While I’ve always tried to fit my ‘workouts’ into my schedule I didn’t always made it a priority. And if I’m totally honest I still much rather go out and enjoy a great big lunch than sweat at the gym.

I knew that my son’s wedding would be a major jolt of motivation to get my butt into high gear. And it definitely was. The new routine helped me take my workouts much more serious and it brought me to a much better place physically, mentally, and lets face it the outcome has been positive overall.

The wedding came and went and I’ve been able to keep a great workout routine going but sometimes I find myself looking for ways to keep the motivation flowing. This is something everyone struggles with and when most will usually fall off the wagon.

One of the things that I find works for me in keeping the workout routine motivation going is to find activewear that is cute and flattering. But not just activewear for the sake of buying. I mean outfits that are practical for training, that feel and look good and that gives me body positive image. At 52 I don’t carry things the way I used to, but I can still pull off a pretty good workout look with today’s many options.

I apologize for the lack of creative poses but this is all I’ve got when in public spaces, lol…💪🏼

WORKOUT TIP: For weight training it’s best to wear flat soled shoes. They will give you the most stability when lifting heavy. For cardio workouts wear cushioned shoes. These offer the most support for high impact.

Here is a roundup of some of the latest gym and activewear peices I’ve been wearing in recent months. They are tried and true peices that I’ve worn and washed over and over again and that have held up pretty well. They include all price points, some from Old Navy and Amazon to get you moving.


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