Casual Winter Chic

Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t wear red more often? Perhaps because it’s such a bold color that I only tend to wear it as an accent color. Whatever the case, it seems to me that this time of year is when red seems to jump on the catwalk. But I also believe you have to get the ‘right’ shade of red. Not all reds are the same. This simple red sweater, with the cute pearl details is all I needed to complete a casual but chic look.

I have to add a couple of crucial notes about this sweater in particular. It is amazingly soft. I can’t tell you have many times I pass on sweaters, no matter how beautiful, simply because they itch or are not soft enough. This one hit it out of the park! Can we say softness overload? Also, it has a nice fitted style, it’s not boxy at all. And the pearls. I mean, look at the lovely pearl details on the cuffs. How darling! (runs tts)

The only caveat is that you will need a bottle of static guard! I don’t know if it was my hair or the coat but this sweater clung on me like nothing else can. I’ve worn it twice and both times the static is horrible. I had to constantly tug on it to keep it free flowing. Otherwise it’s a fabulous addition to my classy winter arsenal.

I want to mention how fabulous these velvet pull-on slacks are. I absolutely love them! The straight leg style is not too wide and is definitely not skinny, which is a nice change from the ‘legging’ look. They are super comfortable and stretchy which makes them perfect for those heavy dinners, lol. These are THE pants for the season. You can wear them for just about any occasion and they look and feel great. Also, these are supposed to be ‘cropped’ but they don’t look it. However I did buy regular sizing instead of petite. (for reference I’m 5’4″)


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