Plaid Season

I guess we can say it’s officially plaid season. And when I say plaid what I really mean is that you can wear all of the plaid combos you can think of all the way through the end of the year. At least that’s my plan anyway. I love the plaids and tartans and all the color combos that come alive this time of year. I particularly love wearing the blues and greens and sometimes I’ll throw on a bold red for good measure.

I’m legit not a skirt type of gal. I just don’t like the way I feel in a skirt. I really have a difficult time finding one that fits, feels and looks good. So I settle for dresses. This dress I absolutely love because it almost looks like a two-piece outfit. I thought it was the cutes find at Amazon! The best part, it is available in two other color combos. So, go ahead take your pick and style it however which way you want.

And as you can see it’s also officially boot season. I love wearing my riding boots. No I don’t ride but I love how they look when worn with a great outfit. Whether with pants, skirts or dresses, I think riding boots, or as some call tall boots, they just look fabulous!


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