Fall Bucket List: 10 Activities To Celebrate The Season

As soon as the month of September makes its apperance it immediately feels like fall even if some days we still get 80° weather. Fall doesn’t officially arrive for another week but it’s already around us with little pops of colors coming through here and there. But it’s on high gear in the decor department and I’m here for it. So it’s time to bring out our fall bucket list and start scratching off our activities one by one before it gets too cold or too late to celebrate.

🍂10 Fall Activities To Celebrate The Season🍂

  1. VISIT AN APPLE ORCHARD This is a fall must! And it must be done within a certain time before all the best apples are picked. It’s a great activitiy for the whole family and you get to make great pies once you get home too!
  2. VISIT THE PUMPKIN PATCH This is an obvious one and can be done throughout the entire fall season. This is especially fun for the kiddies but everyone enjoys it. Hand pick your own pumpkins for display or for cooking!
  3. GO ON A HAYRIDE This is a fun way to get around a farm. This is another activity fun for the whole family. If you’re lucky enough to live around farms with animals this is always a bigger treat when you get to pet them as well. Also, take a walk through a hay maze and find your way out!
  4. ATTEND A HARVEST FESTIVAL Harvest fests are one of my favorites of the season and great for families. These often include kid-friendly music, rides, food, more. 
  5. MOVIE NIGHT OUTDOORS There are tons of kid-friendly movies or shows to enjoy as a family during the fall season. Make it extra fun by watching it outdoors on a projector by a bonfire!
  6. GO LEAF PEEPING Go for a walk or better yet, get in the car and take a long cruise and head for the hills. Check out all the beautiful fall foliage and make sure to take photos of your adventures. After make a scrapbook to share with the family.
  7. MAKE A FABULOUS APPLE PIE If you haven’t done so already then you’ve got to get started! An apple pie is a must in the fall season, next to pumpkin pie (in November). Of course there’s always apple cider or apple fritters to make…
  8. VISIT A FARMER’S MARKET This is the perfect time of year to go to a farmer’s a market. The harvest is full and there are plenty of other items to shop for and eat.
  9. MAKE CANDY APPLES These are one of my favorite fall treats to make. They’re actually quite easy to make and sooo delicious. It’s a great way to put all those apples you picked at the orchard to good use.
  10. HAVE A FALL PICNIC Pack a basket with cider, sandwiches, cheeses, apples and pies and bring the coziest blanket with you. Whether at the park or by the water a fall picnic is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors but with a few extra layers. That you get to see the beautiful fall foliage is extra.

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