Snaskeskin Slip-On Heeled Mules

I have another confession to make; snakeskin is not a print I’m fond of. It also happens to be highly trending this season. When Aerosoles asked me to check out their selection of new arrivals I instantly loved the slip-on mules! So I decided to take a leap of faith and jump on the snakeskin bandwagon and find out for myself how fabulous they really are.Snakeskin slip-on high heeled mules.I’m very weary of trending fashions. While I enjoy styling new looks as much as the next gal, I try to avoid certain trends because usually that means that in a few months it’s over. And I hate to find myself stuck with something that won’t really get much use out of me. Unlike a leopard print, which I really love, snakeskin is definitely not something I’m likely to inject fully into my wardrobe just yet.Aerosoles 'Birdwatcher' snakeskin slip-on mules.

Are you a snakeskin kinda gal?

I’ll always consider myself a leopard print kind of girl, and even then, I’m subtle with how I wear it, but I have to admit these slip-on mules has slightly changed my outlook about the snakeskin print. I don’t think I’ll go over the top with snakeskin in my clothing arsenal but the mules are definitely a game changer. And the fact that Aerosoles’ amazing construction and technology to lend comfort and style may have had something to do with my change of heart.Aerosoles snakeskin slip-on mules.Mock neck striped sweater. #preppyAerosoles snakeskin slip-on mules.Aerosoles snakeskin slip-on mules!I love that I can easily style these mules with jeans and cute dresses throughout the fall before it gets too cold out. I think they make a really nice statement, a subtle one but none the less a definite statement. Aerosoles’ technology in this pair has a custom design that distributes your body’s weight toward your heel, and away from the ball of your foot, genius! The result is superior comfort so you look and feel great. I enjoyed wearing these for the day and got sooo many compliments! The mules are available in three other color combos, including this fabulous tiger print! 🐾


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This post is in partnership with Aerosoles. All views and opinions are my own.

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