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I have come to terms with the fact that I have what is now considered ‘mature skin’ or at least the beginnings of what is. I’ve entered the perimenopausal stage of my life cycle and thus my skin too has begun to experience many changes as well. I know, a bit of TMI… 😵‍💫

Having said that, most of the creams and lotions I’ve been using for years up until now were no longer working for me. In fact, my skin has changed and become so sensitive that I’ve legit had to get rid of just about all of the skincare products I’ve been loyally using for years! They started to either burn or itch around my eyes and face and completely stopped any sort of hydration or calming affect. The level of irritation became too much to handle in such a short period of time.

I stopped wasting money on the usual brands and even trying out new ones (and expensive ones at that) since none were helping out at all. I found myself running to my doctor for help because I thought I had a massive allergic reaction, which in the end, I eventually developed with so many creams and lotions I was putting on.

She of course calmed me down and knew immediately, based on all of my symptoms, exactly what was happening. After our visit she was able to guide me in the right direction and give me recommendations for a new regimen with new products to try based on my current skincare needs. I left her office feeling relieved, educated and very hopeful.

The products my doctor recommended I try (before deciding on anything prescription if that were needed) for my dry-sensitive skin was surprisingly drugstore products from Neutrogena. They recently rolled out a new line called NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST. I have got to tell you these have been a life saver for me! It is a must try for anyone with dry to parched, sensitive skin! This line of skincare products is truly amazing and the best part is you can find them just about anywhere!

My main concerns are hydration, sensitivity and anti-aging, known as trying to ward off those pesky little lines and wrinkles that are slowly creeping up on me. I have to use products that contain ingredients that target all three problem areas without irritating my skin. While Neutrogena does a fabulous job with most of the hydration and sunblock I need, this is where the VERSED skincare comes into play. VERSED delivers more hydration especially at night and all of the anti-aging my skin requires without any irritation whatsoever!

But first, I originally came across a VERSED ad, you guessed it, on Tik Tok. And I decided to give them a try. Three things that got my attention, in no particular order but all equally important to me: HIGH PERFORMANCE WITHOUT THE HYPE, PRODUCTS THAT PERFORM FOR YOUR SKIN & THE PLANET, PRODUCTS THAT DON’T BREAK THE BANK! If any of these appeal to you, then read on.

I am equally as excited to share with you about how fantastic VERSED products have been since I started using them. Today I’m going to focus on the top four that I use on the daily, the others while I like them too I just don’t use as them as often.

As you know by now my skin tends to get really dry and while the Neutrogena products have been really good but they tend to wear off and I myself reaching out for them throughout the day, not exactly convenient if I’m out and about.

My number one, the VERSED Skin Soak comes into play. Just like the name states, it keeps skin nourished and hydrated while fending off signs of aging, a win win. HYALURONIC ACID has become my newest BFF and Skin Soak is the moisture cream to use if your basic moisturizer just isn’t cutting it!

Then there’s VERSED Pressed Restart retinol serum. This too is a game changer! Retinol is something I just could never use because it has always been too aggresive for my skin type. But not this serum, thank goodness! Finally a retinol I can actually use that doesn’t irritate my face. It’s an effective nightly treatment that reforms skin texture (softening lines and wrinkles) and refines skin tone.

The Smooth Landing Retinoid Eye Balm is a different kind of eye treatment altogether. It’s not a cream or lotion of sort, it’s an oily consistency that has been solidified into a cute little balm. This eye balm literally melts into your skin the second you touch it, infusing it with eye-safe ingredients that visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles while firming and restoring bounce, I absolutely love this balm!

For everyday use without makeup I’ve been using the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30. It goes on smooth and lasts really well even after my workouts. But if I’m going to wear makeup I sometimes use VERSED Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 35, (many of my makeup products contain sun protection) I swear it feels like I’m putting on a veil. Remember to smooth it on, don’t rub it on.

One of the things that absolutely caught my eye about this brand is that they list all of their ingredients per product in plain English. What I mean by that is that even if it’s a word that’s hard to pronounce, and most of us don’t even know what it means, they actually list the meaning of the word and it’s purpose relating to skincare beside it!

Their motto, “we use the good and skip the ‘not sure'” means that every ingredient has a purpose, and unless that purpose is proven safe and effective, they skip it. If that ever changes, so will their ‘no thanks’ list. I love this!

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