Classic Fall Outfit

Ahh fall, you’re finally here, now how to dress for it. Consider investment pieces key to effortless classic fall dressing. The secret to building a timeless fall wardrobe or for any season, is to ensure you have go-to staple pieces in the nicest fabrics and tailoring that makes sense for your budget.

A perfect example is this J.Crew Wool-Blend Schoolboy Blazer, similar to the one I’m wearing. Even though it’s a wool blend, the fabric, gold buttons and the classic houndstooth print elevates this piece to look even more luxurious than it’s price point. I have this same blazer and it’s actually quite heavy, I cannot say enough about it. The quality is fantastic and the color is on point for the season. It is the perfect wardrobe item, the one you to have that will last you, and you will enjoy for years.

The blazer I’m wearing is vintage that I’ve had for many years, proving my case. The elbow patches are another classic style element that I absolutely love and is unfortunately hard to find. It is a style that is usually more readily available in the men’s department. But I was happy to have found this one and this one.


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