First Weekend

We’re welcoming the first weekend of the year. What are your plans?New England vibes. @barbourMy family and I welcomed the new year at our favorite summer town. Newport isn’t nearly as much fun as in the summer but the weather happened to be really nice. The whole town was dressed in all sorts of festive galore and buzzing with visitors which surprised me because typically it’s a ghost town in the winter. I’m feeling a little nostalgic because we haven’t had a good snow day thus far and I’m really missing it. We’ve been wanting to go skiing but the weather just hasn’t cooperated. To be honest I’m a little afraid about getting back on the slopes but I’m also looking forward to doing it.

On another note, my daughter and I started watching the Netflix original series Anne With An E over the holiday break and omg! We’re absolutely addicted to this show! This is truly refreshing to watch. I grew up watching Little House on The Prairie and the new show reminds me so much of it. Why aren’t more shows like this being produced? It’s wholesome and funny and so fun to watch not having to worry about foul language or any obscenities. Maybe we’ll binge watch and finish the short series over the weekend! 

Hope you have a great one!


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