A New Pair of Jack Rogers Sandals and How to Break Them In…

Today I’m sharing a post all about my favorite preppy, spring and summer sandals, also known as Jack Rogers. As soon as the weather allows I bring out my ‘Jacks.’ I’ve been styling these for several years now and I absolutely love them. However there is a price to pay if you wear them immediately out of the box. By that I mean, these must first be broken in.

My love of Jacks began when I came across photos of none other than Jacqueline Kennedy wearing them. As the story goes, Kennedy made the shoes famous. It was on an Italian holiday in 1960 that First Lady Jackie Kennedy met the shoe style that would become an icon. On her return to Palm Beach, Jackie brought her newfound shoes to a local cobbler to create additional pairs in different colors—and so was the start of the classic Jack Rogers Sandals.

I also came across some of my favorite bloggers styling their Jacks and in true classic style, I fell in love with them. I have since incorporated them into my summer foot arsenal and it’s rare that you not see a pair of Jacks on my feet during the warmer months. Over the years I’ve accumulated a small collection of different styles and colors, (between mine and my daughter’s) but I totally get that these might not be for everyone. But, if you’re in the market for a quality and timeless summer sandal then Jacks are for you. They are truly and investment and so I highly recommend your first pair be a neutral color in order to get the most mileage out of them.

How to break in your new Jacks

  • You’re not going to want to bring these on vacation right away! The absolute first thing you should do is to start wearing the sandals at home for as long as you can and for as often as you can. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t wait to get a blister, but do wear them long enough to warm up the leather. Do this over and over before bringing them out for their first outing. The new leather can really hurt so this first step is a must!
  • Be prepared for blisters on your first outing with the sandals. I carry bandaids with me at all times regardless, and they of course come in handy whenever a blister shows up. It’s been my experience I’ve gotten blisters a couple times from different sandals. But again, wearing them at home for a while is the best way to help avoid potential blisters! If you see a blister about to pop up, take care of it immediately. It also helps to know where your weak areas are in the foot so you can prepare for your future wear.
  • They always feel better after a trip to the beach, or if you get caught in a rain shower while wearing them! I know getting your brand new sandals wet sounds ridiculous but the water works wonders on the leather. Even if I’ve had them for a few months they feel so much better after getting wet. The leather seems to mold nicely to your feet. Trick is to get them to dry while you’re wearing them. Mine are all broken in and every-single-time I first put them on they feel sooo good!
  • Bring backups! As much as I LOVE my Jacks, the footbed is not cushiony. The stiff soles can wreck havoc on your feet if you wear them for extended time. My heels tend to get sore after wearing them for a super long time, so I always bring a pair of backups, just in case. Note, they have updated the iconic Jacks sandal with all day wear in mind! The molded foam-wrapped foot bed is specifically designed to follow the contours of your foot so you can wear them for extended periods of time.

Now, after reading all of this, you may rightly wonder, why on earth would I want to get a pair of shoes that hurt my feet? The answer is simple, because of their timeless style and quality. These sandals can be worn to literally the most dressed up events you can think of and no-one will blink. Unlike a pair of red-soles, these are legit the kind of shoes you can wear to a wedding, a dinner, the office, the beach, a fashion show, an opera, pretty much anywhere and they allow you to look chic and put-together and they’ll last you (almost) forever!😉


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