Hello 2023

Well, here we are folks, the start of a new year. I hope you all ended your 2022 on a bright note. I hope you are all starting your new year on an even brighter one.

My 2022 was to say the least a year full of firsts. My son got married, which was the biggest milestone in our lives. My daughter also started high school, and that’s a doozy all it’s own. I began my workout journey earlier in the year and it’s been quite the journey to say the least. All in all, many goals were set and thankfully many goals were met.

While I don’t have any words of wisdom, all I can say is well, just keep going. Whatever your goals, whatever your desires, whatever your dreams, whatever they are just keep going. And whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night, just leave it there. Wake up, pray up and make it a good one.

I want to continue to focus on my workout routine. I definitely see progress which makes me feel and look good. My daughter decided to join me which helps me keep my accountability. And it doesn’t hurt to have a gym buddy.

I know my blog posts took a back seat last year so I’ll be dedicating more time to sharing more with you. I think most of you who have been following me for a while know that unlike other ‘influencers’, my life does not revolve around this channel or social media. I hate pushing ‘buy this and buy that’ unless I absolutely love something. Of course my sponsored posts are what help keep this channel running and your visits are always very much appreciated and mean the world to me. But, my family always comes first, I’m certain you understand, this is literally an extension of it.

I do intend on being more present though. Cheers to a new me. And cheers to a new you. 🥂

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