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I recently received some wonderful beauty shipments from Burberry and AVON. I shared sneak peeks of the items on my Instagram stories and you guys loved it. I then received lots of questions wanting to know more about the products so today I’m sharing a mini photo “tutorial” using the new Burberry essentials collection as well as some products from the AVON Project Runway Lookbook.

Since I haven’t mastered the ‘vlogging’ thing as of yet, I’m keeping the tutorial simple and sweet. I’ve linked all the products I used for your convenience if you so choose to look them up. The products I feature I personally love and recommend. As you may have guessed, these two brands vary dramatically in price. It goes without saying that my preferences aren’t based on price tags as much as they are on performance and quality. These two are at the top of my favorite beauty finds and I give them a super thumbs up! makeup tutorial with @burberry collection.

After moisturizing my face I began with the new Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude No.01.

  • The 55% water-infused primer glides across the skin with incredible ease and hydrates instantly. It helps to blur minor imperfections for a shimmer-free, youthful luminosity. 

I next used the Face Contour Pen in Medium No.01 on various key areas of the face for a more contoured and defined look.

  • Sweep the precision dome tip under the cheekbones, jawline and along the nose to sculpt, shade and define, or apply to the eye socket for a bigger eye effect.

After a little face powder to set my base I used the Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude No.01 to highlight specific areas for a more glowing complexion.

  • An effortless, glow-to-go pen to boost radiance with precision highlights when and where you need it.

The Fresh Glow Highlighter in Rose Gold No.04 is perhaps my favorite new beauty product, and for obvious reasons! It’s the best way I know how to extent my summer glow well into the winter season!

  • Apply the illuminating powder around the edge of the face and on to the temples, cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the Cupid’s bow, to lift and brighten the complexion.

I lined my lips using the Lip Color Contour in Med No.3 before using Cherry Jubilee lipstick.

  • The pen acts as a lip primer to smooth and soften before applying colour, or can be worn alone for a natural-looking nude lip.

@burberry fresh glow highlighter@burberry makeup fall collection.For the eyes I used AVON’s true color single shadows in Beige and Black Brown. Next I winged my eyes using the SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen. This is my second new favorite beauty product! I love to do the cat eye or ‘winged’ look and this pen makes it super easy to create with minimal waste and mess free! Highly recommend! I finished off my fresh deep fall look with the True Color Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee.

To accomplish this look I followed AVON’s Lead Makeup Artist Hector Simancas’ makeup guide from Project Runway. Makeup tutorial with @Avon true color lipstick fall collection.Makeup tutorial with @Avon true color lipstick in Cherry JubileeMakeup tutorial with @burberry collection.


Fresh Glow Base c/o BURBERRY | Face Contour c/o BURBERRY | Fresh Glow Highlighting Pen c/o BURBERRY | Fresh Glow Highlighter c/o BURBERRY | Lip Countour c/o BURBERRY | Eyeshadow Singles c/o AVON | Liquid Pen c/o AVON | Cherry Jubilee Lipstick c/o Avon 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tutorial of a fresh fall look. Feel free to leave comments or if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!


Special thanks to BURBERRY and AVON for providing these fabulous makeup gifts! All opinions are completely my own.


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