Winter Vibes: Family Room

Besides the kitchen, our family room is the most used room in the entire house. We spend lots and lots of time here by the fire all winter long. And since it’s next to the kitchen, it’s easy to just jump off the couch and make a quick dash for a snack. It’s our favorite place to gather for a good movie, board games or just to hang out like Coco often does.

The family room is the one room I tend to update the most often. You can see more of the family room in my ‘summer’ room tour here. It represents my mood and shows my personal design style which one can say is somewhat eclectic. There was a time I collected antiques and most of my furniture was vintage but I think I’ve slowly graduated away from them in recent years and have kept only but a few pieces out.

As much as I appreciate a good old piece of furniture, let’s face it, they not only had personality but the quality was superb, my mother in law can attest to that. But it’s also nice to have updated classic pieces. The white sofa is a new take on a classic couch you’d typically find in any grand home. I love the leather, the tufted detail and the handsome curves. The color definitely gives off a more relaxed feel.

As you might have guessed, the pillows are a tell tale sign of the season. All I do is literally replace the pillow covers and switch up the the throws and job well done! I LOVE all things plaid and tartan during the winter months because they give off fun cozy vibes. Think hot cocoa with a good book by a roasting fire. Yeah, that’d be me when I’m home alone.

Although the sunlight in this room is different during the winter and is quite short, it still offers a nice blast of brightness making the bold colors pop even in the dead of winter. I very much prefer a full on blue and white color combo but the pop of red is a nice touch for the short duration.

And in case you’re wondering how on earth I keep my couch nice and clean, well I rely heavily on leather wipes and I also use sofa covers. I bought this set of covers as soon as I got the sofa and I absolutely love them. During the day no one is home but me and Coco but on weekends or if I know everyone is gonna be home to lounge I make sure to put the covers on, just in case. And I absolutely do NOT let anyone wearing dark jeans sit on the leather, ever!


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