Welcome December

I’ve been meaning to sit and chat about life lately but as you can imagine life happens. I can’t believe we’re already into the first week of December! How did this happen?! Am I the only one in awe about this? I remember the days when I couldn’t wait till December so we could go away for ski trips. Now I feel like there’s just not enough time to plan for things anymore. It’s like time just goes by so quickly.

My favorite thing to do at home during the winter months is sit by a fire. I’ll enjoy a great book, play games or just watch a great old movie with a nice glass of wine or hot cocoa. I love it so much that I’ll burn fires all the way through April! It probably sounds corny but it’s definitely an indulgence I love.

The other thing I look(ed) forward to doing was skiing. Besides the extreme cold, which I just can’t get used to up in the mountains, I love how skiing helps get rid of the winter blues. But I’m afraid my ski days are over. My husband had a terrible biking accident four years ago where he broke his left leg. He has since recovered amazingly (he works out and runs daily) but I refuse to have him risk being on skis. He’s an excellent skier, super energetic and fun but incredibly aggressive on the slopes. I miss skiing with the family but I love having him safe at home more. Cozy winter days.

So I managed to schedule a weekend getaway with the entire family. It’s well overdue! Unfortunately it’s getting harder to plan vacation time with the kids since they all now have their own schedules. But I’m determined to keep it going for as long as I can. We’re taking the family down to the city (including the gfs) for the weekend and I just can’t wait.

Fact: My daughter hasn’t been to NYC! How did I let this happen? Actually I brought her one time when she was 9 months old, so I guess that doesn’t count since she obviously doesn’t remember it, but I do have the photos to prove it! Anyway, she’s really excited about visiting the city. She made a little list of things she would like to do and see and I’m hoping I can accomplish it all of for her while keeping the older kids happy as well. The weather app says it’s gonna be sunny and in the 40s; I’m secretly hoping for some snow though.

You can catch some of the family fun in the city with my stories on Instagram. Thanks for visiting friends! Hope you have a great weekend as well! 


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