Pearls, Ruffles & Plaids, Oh My!

How to mix and layers different patterns.How to layer and mix patterns with plaids, tartan and tweed!Having fun mixing fall patterns. How to have fun layering and mixing patterns.Mixing patterns.How to mix patterns. Tartan ruffle shirt and tweed jacket.It's all in the details. How to layer and mix patterns.How to mix patterns for a polished preppy look.How to layer and mix patterns for a polished preppy look.How to layer and mix patterns.How to mix and layer patterns for a polished preppy look.As you can probably imagine I had a super fun time mixing and layering these patterns. Had it been a bit colder I would’ve added a nice plaid scarf to top off the look; and maybe a beanie. All joking aside, this look was inspired by this tartan ruffle shirt  I picked up during our Foxwoods sip & shop event a couple of weekends ago.

In case you haven’t noticed by my Instagram posts, I love plaids, tartans, leopards and tweeds. These are my favorite patterns of all time and during the fall and winter season I use them to the fullest. I try to incorporate a bit of any of them in my daily outfits. Mixing and layering them together is fun and fabulous not to mention a great way to amp up your look!

When mixing these patterns look for the common denominator. In this case I focused on the brown and red tones which made it easy for me to add the leopard pumps. Simple black cargo leggings tied the whole look together.

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