Tween Style Bedroom Makeover

As Glor gets accustomed to her sixth grade routine it was only fitting to prepare her bedroom for the next stage of her young lady life. We gave her room a fresh new coat of paint, rearranged furniture, got rid of lots of old kiddie stuff and introduced a couple of new decor pieces to help create the tween style she’s been wanting to bring into her private space.

The whole room was inspired by these three photos. I had them printed and enlarged and then framed in these lovely simple gold trimmed frames. It tells the tales of Glor’s summertime adventures. The colors set the tone for the room and upgraded the feel from baby girl to tween life.A comfy and glam piece of furniture had to be incorporated into the bedroom. What girl doesn’t love cozy furry items? The accent stool gives the room a stylish makeover. It’s the shining star of the decor with eye-catching gold tone frame and white faux fur. Glor and her friends will have many a conversations while casually resting on it.Tween bedroom style!When deciding on what to incorporate into the room, I knew Glor’s study area would be an important part. She needed a little update on her desk accessories so we opted for a ‘dorm’ theme that is appropriate for her age and within arm’s reach for study time.Tween style study space!One of the new things we introduced for study was this lovely vintage style desk lamp fitted with an LED soft white bulb which is easier on the eyes. The lamp adds charm and practicality while the fun globe is the perfect accompaniment to the overall look of the study space. The pinboard and wall racks help create symmetry and keeps all of her extras neatly organized.Tween style study space with Pottery Barn.One thing I was adamant about when refreshing the whole room was to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Glor really didn’t have too much clutter but she had lots of stuffed animals that were taking up space. I wanted the room to have a minimalistic flow. I’m a huge fan of ‘less is more’ and I want Glor to have the same approach for her living quarters. The less clutter, the less time she’ll spend on organizing and the more she’ll enjoy her room.Tween bedroom decor.We found this cute ‘makeup caddy’ on Amazon and absolutely love it. It was the perfect little addition in keeping all of Glor’s personal items in one place without having them all sprawled out on the dresser. She can easily reach for anything she needs while maintaining all of her items neat.Tween bedroom ideas.The duvet bedding is from Pottery Barn Teens and we loved the bold pattern. It looks great with simple sheets and the pretty area rug underneath the bed. All the colors and patterns look great together. We also added a touch of personalization with this pretty fringe monogramed throw pillow to complete the bedding.Tween style bedroom makeover.I purchased the canopy bed for Glor several years back after she outgrew her toddler sized bed. It’s been a great sturdy piece of furniture and Glor loves the fact that she can dress it up with panels or leave it without like she’s done here. The night stand is an antique I found many years ago and is still very functional. The ‘books‘ on the night stand are boxes where Glor can store knick knacks and any extra items. The brass table lamp makes a stylish addition to the room’s decor. It has a fabric shade with a glass base and comes with a USB port for charging her phone and other gadgets. The buffalo check pumpkin adds a touch of seasonal whimsy.Tween style bedroom decor.I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peak inside Glor’s private quaters. She is thrilled with the new setup. Unfortunately I didn’t have good recent photos of her ‘before’ look of the room. But take it from me, it’s a game changer! With not much other than a fresh coat of paint and a few new accessories, the room took on a new look with a huge impact. I’m happy to report that Glor is ecstatic about her tween style room makeover!







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    Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in-depth information you offer. I just Love your tween style bedroom makeover! Absolutely stunning. It must be pure heaven to wake up in the morning to such beautiful surroundings. I think it’s really important to have a relaxing and peaceful bedroom. To wake up every morning surrounded by a really fresh and transformed room must be a great way to start your day !! Well done.

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