Back To School

We officially begin the countdown to the fall season. Let’s face it, as soon as the kids go back to school it’s all down hill from there. Though we do have one last summer weekend with Labor Day coming up, it just doesn’t feel the same, even if the official start of the fall season is 20 days away.

Glor’s first day of 8th grade began as one would imagine in New England, gloomy, chilly and rainy. But alas, she’s so looking forward to her last year at the Center School. She’s always been a great student, and she finished her 7th grade with a bang hitting honors last year even amidst a pandemic and all the remote learning she had to endure. We’re ever so proud of her and we look forward to her official teen years to begin. Her birthdate is September 21 and she’ll turn 13 this year. Oh my lawd, I can’t even…


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