Summer Garden Dresses

It’s Peony season!!! Aggghhhh, I’m finally harvesting some of my pretty little babies and placing them in beautiful jars around the house. If you could only smell them! I’m literally amazed year after year at how incredible their scent is. I strategically place them throughout the house so that the scent can make its way ever so lightly. It literally makes you feel like you’re in an English garden.

If you ever want to try to grow your own batch of peonies check out this post I wrote last year where I go into a little more detail on how to select, plant, care and harvest peonies. Believe me when I tell you that if you plant these you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

I have to admit I am not a gardener by any means, but I do enjoy wandering through our flower beds taking care of and picking newly bloomed florals. During the summer months I usually wear cotton or linen blend dresses. The weather in the northeast can get pretty brutal with high humidity and the need for comfortable, breathable attire is paramount.

Of course white dresses are the epitome of summer style but I also have an assortment of garden inspired dresses with beautiful summer blooms and colors. It’s no surprise my summer dress collection has grown. Take a peek at some of the latest styles I think capture the essence of a summer garden.

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