Caprese Style Stuffed Chicken

Caprese salad is definitely one of my all time favorite salads during the summer. I make it at least two times a week! I love it, the kids love it and whenever we go out to a restaurant we always order it. Today’s chicken recipe comes from the caprese salad idea. The difference is I’m using goat cheese instead of mozzarella. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that whenever possible goat cheese is the cheese of choice for me.Caprese Style Stuffed ChickenCaprese Style Stuffed Chicken.

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This recipe may seem complicated but I guranteed you it isn’t! The hardest part (if you wanna call it hard) is assembling the chicken. Other than that, the cooking is simple and goes pretty quick. The balsamic glaze you end with is amazing in flavor especially when combined with the garlic. This is one recipe you’ll be making over and over again! And feel free to add mozzarella, I just prefer the silky tanginess of goat cheese.

Caprese Style Stuffed Chicken

Caprese Style Stuffed Chicken.Caprese Style Stuffed Chicken

With this recipe you end up with an amazingly moist and flavorful chicken. I paired it with my Lemon Parmesan Fettuccine and it was incredible! Whatever side dish you decide to make the chicken remains the the center of attention.


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