Fall Traditions: Apple Picking

Apple picking is one of those fall activities my family and I enjoy doing every year. Glor absolutely loves romping around the orchard looking for the tastiest apples while I try to keep track of all the varieties we pick. Because the uncertainty of Covid still lingering, I was thrilled to be able to visit the orchard this year without worries.

Honestly, I hate wearing masks. Yep, I’m one of those people, sorry not sorry. I really believe they’re useless and only wear them when absolutely necessary. We took them off since we didn’t have anyone around us and while shooting these photos. I imagine because of Covid many people chose to forgo the orchards this year. Not us. We went to our favorite orchard and had a great afternoon. The best part? It was not busy at all, in fact it was perfect because it gave us plenty of room to roam about freely.

Besides the variety of apples available to pick, the orchards typically boast pumpkin stands, mum stands, other seasonal veggies and of course my favorites, hot apple cider, warm donuts and fresh off the fryer apple fritters. These are just the extras when visiting an apple orchard during the harvest season.

I didn’t make my annual ‘fall bucket list’ this year for obvious reasons but I was so glad to have been able to do this activity. I seriously miss some of our local harvest fairs we typically have in New England. I’ve yet to find out if the hayrides are still available. For now this will do.

Whether from the orchard or from the grocery store, make sure to bake up some goodies this fall season. You can visit my food archives for some of my apple recipes that I’m sure you’ll love if you feel like baking.


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