Summer Wardrobe Staples

I can’t believe we’re on our way into the ‘unofficial’ start of summer and I couldn’t be happier, sort of. Don’t get me wrong, I undoubtedly look forward to summer but it just seems time is just going by too fast for me. Or maybe it’s because my daughter is just so grown more and more by the day(?).

Anyway, I’m always looking forward to warmer days. In the meantime, I’m lining up my summer wardrobe and two things remain constant in my choices for my summer wardrobe. I tend to basically wear the same things, rotating through them over and over. Not because I’m lazy, but because these are wardrobe pieces that are considered classic neutral and of good quality.

Here are just a few of the things I can rely on to wear over the summer season. They happen to be the basic wardrobe items I pull out every summer without fail because they’ll never go out of style, you can mix and match them and you can always dress them up or down.


Perhaps the most versatile of all of my summer wardrobe pieces ever, is the simple white linen button-down shirt, and for obvious reasons.

Worn tucked in, untucked, tied up front or as a coverup on the beach, this simple item is a summer must. I have several of these in white, blue and a few others in various colors, and cuts. Whether 100% linen or linen/cotton blends these shirts are perfect for just about any occasion throughout the summer.


Perhaps my second favorite summer wardrobe outfit item! Part of my coastal grandmother outfit ensemble, linen wide leg pants are not only versatile but they’re just plain comfortable.

Like the white button-down linen shirt, a pair of linen wide leg pants are the summer’s most comfortable everything pant. Often with an elastic or drawstring waistband, you can wear them from the beach straight to dinner, they’re that perfect. All you have to do is change your top!


Another favorite (must-have!) summer wardrobe item I wear over and over are my white jeans. These have been in my outfit posts more often than not, and for good reason. They’re easy to style and look great with everything.

I rotate between skinny, slim and straight, although as of late I’ve been more about the slim style. I own too many pairs to shamefully admit, although just a few are my favorites, arguably they are painfully necessary. For that ‘old money’ style throw on this perfect blazer over a simple tee and chunky jewelry!

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