Minimalist Fall Mudroom Decor

A week into the September calendar and it’s safe to say I’ve begun to sprinkle touches of fall around the house. The weather has already shifted from warm days to very cool nights in New England. When transitioning to fall decor I always remember that less is more. I keep it simple with subtle touches of warm colors for a tasteful, classic autumn feel.

Our mudroom is almost always where I begin my seasonal changes. It’s the entrance we use most and an uncluttered welcome is what I like to see when I arrive. I try not to go overboard with too many seasonal items in keeping with a minimalist approach. Color is central to my decorating style and I stay away from the bland neutral themes that seem to be all the rage in the Instagram world.

The wreath with faux blue roses adds the perfect layer of texture in this welcoming space. It ties everything together nicely with subtle hints of autumn without it being too rustic.

The giant grapevine pumpkins in the corner I bought several years ago at our local Pier 1 Imports when it was still in business. They have lights inside and when lit they twinkle ever so pretty at night. You can find a similar one here.


The handsome Blue Heron print was another fantastic find from a favorite Etsy shop. I bought the digital download, had it printed out and then framed. It looks so pretty in this spot and reminds me of warmer days that are never far behind.

Digital prints have been my go-to this year. It’s a great way to recycle your frames without having to buy new framed art whenever you want a change.

This is an incredibly busy space and during the cold months it gets really messy with everything from wet snow boots to endless jackets and coats thrown about. The bench serves as storage for all of our extra layers including ski pants and socks, hats, scarves, gloves and vests. Because of the high traffic it’s hard to keep a nice area rug in tact.

I opted for a durable, vinyl backed mat with natural coir to scrape off debris from boots and shoes. It is weather-tolerant, colorfast and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. I can vacuum it or hose it down to keep it clean.

Also, you can see a peak of my new light in the mudroom. Remember this post? I’ve since replaced the ‘boob light’ with this pretty semi-flush mount light and it looks amazing!


Aside from seasonal decor items, the next best thing to use as decor props are often found in your wardrobe. For the fall season I pull out light jackets, rain boots or riding boots, felt hats, scarves and wraps. They scream autumn! On my way out I’ll grab any one of these items and put back up when I get home, simple and practical.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little autumn themed space of mine. And on that note, don’t forget about scented candles. l have several candles burning throughout the house. This one smells sooo good! These are on sale right now 3/$10 and they last quite a bit as compared to other more expensive candles. The warm scent in the air is the perfect way to transition into all things fall.

I hope this serves as a simple guide for creating your decor transition to fall. Have fun with your seasonal spaces!🍂

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