Traveling With a Pet

A few weeks back I posted this photo of Coco on Instagram when we were in Newport. I got lots of DMs about where I go that is pet friendly and what to bring for her travels. So I decided to make a quick post about my travels with our little pooch and hopefully address some of your questions as well.We have friends and family that have a pet or pets, and like having children, it’s one of those things that is based on personal preferences as well as personality. Yep, I said personality. When my kids were little they all exhibited night and day personalities, as it should be and we handled each one accordingly. I think with pets, it’s pretty much the same. Some pets, depending of course on the breed, are incredibly docile and easy to travel with. Others can be a bit more of a challenge and their size is something to also consider. 

I’m convinced our Coco sometimes thinks she’s a human. She literally will sit and behave herself when asked to. She gets a little anxiety on car trips but it usually goes away once she’s settled in. The one thing I have to say is that she is not as friendly around other dogs, sort of. I say this because if she’s around calm dogs (usually the older ones) she’s quite content. But if she’s approached by young, sniffing and active dogs she immediately goes into attack mode!🙈 I know, it’s kinda weird but she adopted this behavior shortly after her accident. So we know to keep her away from pups. She is incredibly shy around strangers but intuitively friendly with kids. She loves the attention.

Having said all of that, we don’t bring much when we travel with Coco. She doesn’t need toys or special sleeping arrangements. She’s not on medication and my only strict policy is to keep her on her own food. I make sure to bring plenty of it along with treats, water, doggie poop bags, her food bowls, harness & leash and tote or carrier. She doesn’t need a particular bed or blanket and she adjusts quite well as long as we’re by her side.

Last December we brought her along to NYC on our family trip. We made sure to get a hotel that was pet friendly, (there are additional fees for that), and we kept her in a nice little carrier that was roomy and comfortable for the ride. She did great! We took her out for her daily walks and tucked her in the room when we were gone. It was awesome to have her greet us every time we got back. She quickly adjusted to new surroundings and would patiently wait for our return. She loved visiting the city!A couple of things to keep in mind: NOT EVERYONE LOVES YOUR PET AS MUCH AS YOU DO and I don’t suggest traveling with baby pets. So far we haven’t encountered anyone that didn’t appreciate us having a little dog tag along but I’ve heard horror stories. No one knows your pet better than you and if you think he/she is not an ideal travel companion then stick to that.

Baby pets, aka puppies or kittens need much more attention and require training. Unless you don’t mind spending your vacation time training your pet in new environments, which may or may not stress both of you, I don’t recommend  traveling with them.

I’ve never had to put Coco in a boarding facility because we have family members who will gladly keep her if the need arises but that’s also something to consider if you can’t bring your pet along for the trip. Ask friends or neighbors for recommendations when looking for a kennel. Be aware of all fees associated with traveling with a pet and most importantly, make sure your pet’s immunizations are up to date!Coco and I wish you happy travels! 🐾


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