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@jcrewfactory girl's mixed fabric dress and navy gingham mom dress.

Gloria and I recently went out on a lunch date and took these photos showcasing our Spring J.Crew Factory outfits. We took the photos indoors because it was still very cold and windy out. Luckily for us there wasn’t a lot of people hanging around to watch us and wonder what the heck we were doing.

I love the casual picks Factory has to offer for moms like me. I can dress myself and find similar outfits for Gloria. It’s the latest in mommy and me trends and I’m super happy about it! Her mixed fabric dress is already a Spring favorite. It’s also available in an all pink and a navy version. The metallic heel patent ballet flats she’s wearing are not from the kids selection. She’s wearing a women’s size 5.5 and also comes in a nude color. Both dress and shoes are fully stocked, tts and on sale at a great bargain. Her little emoji bag was from the holiday season and is no longer available. I’ve linked the newest one for this season which is a super cute glitter watermelon and perfect for the warm weather.

My printed bell-sleeve navy dress is a fun dress to style. I love the sleeves and the easy flow of the dress. A great option for any Spring affair. The handmade circular rattan handbag is a new accessory addition to my spring/summer wardrobe arsenal. I was on the hunt for a new straw bag and this one definitely fit the bill. I love the circular look and the detailed navy stripes that gives it a nautical vibe. The bag is incredibly roomy which means I can carry all of my daily favorites. For under $50 this bag is very roomy and is sure to be a summer favorite, also available in white rattan.

what Im wearing

Navy gingham dress and circular rattan handbag.Navy gingham dress and a fun circular rattan handbag.Mom and daughter dresses.

what shes wearing

Girls mixed fabric spring dress.Flowers for mom. Mom and daughter outing. Navy gingham dress and mixed fabric girls' dress.

Whenever possible I spend my time with my daughter. Whether at home in the kitchen, a visit to the nail salon or shopping, I love just being with her. Especially during the summer months we lounge and visit the beaches as much as we can. I want to dedicate as much time to her as I can. Already I can see how quickly she is growing and soon enough she’ll probably not want to hang out with mom. But of all the things we do together, the thing I enjoy the most are our conversations. I love to listen to what she has to say. Her opinions on life’s little matters. Her thoughts about music, TV, fashion and religion. We talk about everything and anything in between. One of the funniest things I find about my daughter is that we don’t really share similar foods. I can’t figure that out. She doesn’t like Mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches or any seafood. I’m hoping our communication never ends and that with time her tastebuds will improve. She knows mom is here to stay, to guide her and protect her.



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