Wardrobe Essential: Little White Eyelet Dress

Putting on a little white dress always makes me feel like summer has finally arrived. Though we’re over a month away from the official start of summer, there’s just something about wearing all white. And a little white dress with eyelet details makes the color seem all the more romantic.

No wardrobe is ever complete without a little white dress. This one from JCrew is under $30 and is perfect to wear with sandals, heels or even your favorite kicks, it’s that versatile! I love the eyelet detail throughout and what seems like a two-piece is actually one with a cute little bow in front. The button-up and sharp collar finishes the dress for a tailored feminine look. The dress is true to size, very comfortable and is also available in navy and kelly green.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my stories where I posted a couple of pics of my foot. I suffered a little bike accident last Friday and I am still sitting at home nursing my ankle back to health. I did quite the job on it.

While riding the bike uphill on a mountain trail I stopped to catch my breath but when I started up again my back tire lost traction sending me down on my side twisting my foot while it was still on the pedal. Needless to say it was painful! But I thank God my ankle didn’t break. It was a painful and slow recovery weekend for me but today I’m finally starting to feel good. Not good enough to drive (it’s my right foot) but good enough to walk without help and much of the pain has definitely subsided. Still working on the swelling though…

I hope your week is starting off on the right foot! 😉


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