Fall Decor

Ahhh fall, such a refreshing time of the year. And I really mean refreshing because when you’re coming off a steaming August it does feels refreshing to welcome cooler temperatures. It’s also a magical time because you witness the changes in the tree leaves from vivid greens to red, orange, yellows and all the beautiful golden hues.

There are also many fall decor ideas we can furnish the home with to make it feel cozy and vibrant while making it smell good too. The autumn season ushers a myriad of ideas to incorporate the outdoors into our homes to make them feel warm, inviting, and festive. By adding simple fall elements we can enjoy the the season even more. 

If you haven’t already done so, and want to get into the ultimate fall mood, here is my roundup of home decor ideas to help you create some home fall vibes.🍂

Blankets & Throw Pillows

Let’s start with the most obvious and easiest of things to swap around the house. I look forward to the seasonal swapping of our lighter summer throw blankets for warmer, cozier throws. When the fall season arrives so do the many great blankets to choose from. It goes without saying that throw pillows follow the same rule, but with a lot more ease and fun. I love to mix and match my pillows to reflect my sense of style. Here are some favorite throws and pillows that incorporate fall’s lovely hues.

Lighting & Scents

Candles are the absolute best way, imo, to incorporate an important layer of autumn to your home. It adds warmth, light and of course festive fragrances that your guests will notice the second they set foot in the door. You can find candles of autumn cheer everywhere with so many of the season’s popular scents like delicious pumpkin, sweet apple or spicy cinnamon to name a few.

Put A Wreath On It

Wreathes are another fun way to dress up homes. Besides the front door I also like to display my wreaths in the mudroom and I love to switch them out to reflect the seasonal themes. For a fall wreath I like to do dried flowers with darker hues and foliage. This time of year you can find them with pumpkins and gourds, dried flowers and herbs, or a grapevine wreath with berries and acorns.

TIP If you’re feeling ambitious gather vines right from your yard, if they’re flexible enough shape them into wreaths, gather berries, acorns and dried leaves and hot glue them on for a fun diy.

The Essentials

PUMPKINS You can’t have fall without pumpkins! They are the ultimate way to make your home feel festive for fall. Whether stacked on your porch or in a pretty bowl the options are endless. I love to combine them with gourds and baby boos. They can be stacked together to make a beautiful displays on your front steps or at your dining room table or foyer for a welcoming fall display.

MUMS The year’s floral finale! Mums are not only hearty and can handle the cooler nights, but they also come in several amazing shades. You can display them on the patio, on your porch with pumpkins and gourds, on the steps by the door, and even inside throughout the house wherever you want extra color.

Don’t Forget The Mantel

The mantel is the centerpeice of any room and should be decorated and enhanced each season. It is always conveniently located so as to attract the attention of those who enter the room. And now that the temperatures are cooling down and fires are being lit, it is the perfect time to make the mantel festive. Items like candles and votives, pumpkins and gourds, garlands, branches and foliage are all great for dressing up your mantel in the fall.

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