Ski & Play Day

Over the weekend we got the chance to go skiing! It was our first ski trip this winter and as you can imagine we were super excited to jump in the car and go for a day of fun. Unfortunately just about all of the local ski spots have been sold out of passes so it was a surprise and a treat to find passes for the day. And with the kids out on their winter break this week, skiing, snowboarding or tubing is the thing to do in New England!

Unlike previous years, we now have to purchase ski passes ahead of time, while before it was just an option. With absolutely no refunds, should you not make it to your scheduled day, it’s not exactly a popular way of doing things. If you ski you know how expensive that can be. But if you can make it work then it works…

I posted a couple of shots on my Instagram story of our ski day. This here kid is the ultimate ski bunny. Man does she love it! And she’s so not afraid of anything. Normally she skis with her dad or brother and they go down the more challenging trails (steep!) that I absolutely will not do. She’s awesome if I say so myself. She will do the lighter trails with me just to keep me company.

We’re hoping to make it to the slopes at least a couple more times before the season ends. We have more snow coming this week and that should make it all the more fun, fresh powder is always the best! Now I’m off to stretch my sore muscles…


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