Healthy and Active with Rainbowlight Vitamins

We’re skipping right through the cold and cough season with our brand partner RainbowLight. Major shout out to their multivitamins, and Vitamin D & C gummies that help support our immune system. We’re looking forward to the season being a breeze with our RainbowBoost! Cheers to Vitamin C! We’re partnering with RainbowLight to give my ever growing pre-teen the vitamin boost she needs! The Vitamin C Slices are jam packed with nutrients that provide antioxidant protection and helps support Glor’s immune health. They’re so yummy there’s really no need to sneak them into her diet, she loves them! But now that cold and cough season has arrived we’re taking them first thing in the morning to help her through the day. What’s even better is that I can take the Vitamin C too.I love the amazing nutrients found in the Active Health Teen Vitamin! Although Glor is in the cusp stages of teenhood it’s good to know that she can find additional health benefits for her growing body. The nutrients found in these tablets are targeted to meet the unique needs of growing teenagers. It helps fill nutrient gaps often missed by lack of food interest. And I’m excited that it also helps promote clear skin from the inside out while enhancing digestion, natural energy, brain health and mood! The tangy real Sour Lemon flavor of the Sunny Gummies Vitamin D3 are so delish! They contain high-potency vitamin D for those looking to support bone and muscle strength which is exactly what an active tween needs! Glor’s immune function, along with circulatory and cellular health is of upmost importance to us and Rainbowlight provides the additional benefits in these yummy gummies!We have found exactly the kind of health boosters we need for the entire family. I’m not a fan of taking pills on the regular but the nutrients in the Women’s Once Multivitamin gives me the energy and vitality I need to care for the family along with breast and bone benefits so important for our changing bodies. The Men’s Once Multivitamin also provides the energy my husband needs to get him through the work day as well as nutrients important to his heart and prostate health! Head over to to grab some great health and body boosters for your children and yourself! 


Special thanks to Rainbowlight for sponsoring this post. All opinions and views are strictly my own.


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