Fall Picnic With Coppola Wines

Today I’m sharing a super fun and super easy way to create a fall picnic. Yes, a fall picnic! Most people associate picnics with summer but I happen to think that early fall season is a great time of year to have a picnic with all the beautiful foliage surrounding you, and especially if you get a chance to have a bonfire as well!Fall picnic ideas.As much as I love the summer time I honestly think fall is by far my favorite season. It ushers in so many fashion options, cozy comfortable temperatures, and lots of fun outdoor activities. This year I decided to plan a fall picnic for the family with an easy menu for all to enjoy.

In Connecticut we are literally a short drive away from many apple orchards and farms. You can check out our recent apple picking excursion here. We gathered lots of apples over the last couple of weeks that we had plenty to bring along for our fall picnic. Plus adding a bottle of wine like this Director’s Cabernet Sauvignon from Coppola Wines made our picnic a little extra special!Fall picnic ideas in New England.


Save time and hassle by purchasing your picnic menu items from the grocery store or local sandwich shop. Deli sandwiches and bagged chopped salads are excellent options for travel. If traveling far try to get foods that don’t require too much refrigeration, perhaps an ice pack or two to help keep things fresh.

  • I bought foot long ready made Italian sandwiches for our picnic and then I cut them into smaller servings. Take the sandwiches out of the packaging and wrap individually with parchment paper for easy travel and less mess.
  • Buy bagged salads and transfer to individual serving jars with lids. Use vinaigrette dressing instead of cream based dressing to avoid spoilage.
  • Cheese and wine are classic options for picnics. Add charcuterie & cheese to your basket along with crackers or chips, fruit and nuts. One or two cheeses would be great with deli or prepackaged meats/sausages. Cheddar, goat or parmesan cheeses are some of my faves and easy to find. They’re also crowd pleasers.
  • Bottled water, juices, sodas or wine are all great drinks to bring along. We chose water and the lovely bottle of red for our fall picnic.

TIP: Add extra meat, cheese, or toppings to pre-made sandwiches for a customized sandwich with less work. Red wines are perfect for travel since they don’t require refrigeration. Cabernet Sauvignon is smooth and fruity and a wonderful complement to a fall menu.

Fall picnic ideas.


Here’s a list of items to pack for a successful fall picnic:

  1. A cute traditional picnic basket.
  2. picnic backpack is another great way to pack and carry picnic essentials.
  3. Glass jars are super chic and perfect for holding your salad or mixed fresh fruits.
  4. A picnic blanket, table cloth and throws in seasonal prints and patterns are a must.
  5. Berry baskets are great for carrying food.
  6. Mugs or thermos for hot cocoa or soups.



Special thanks to Coppola Wines for sponsoring this post. All views are my own.

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