Early Fall Vibes In White

Guys I must admit I’m a tad disappointed with the weather we’re having lately. One day it’s 80+ degrees then it drops down to 60ish! Doesn’t sound like much but when you’re used to the humidity and heat, 60 degrees in early September feels more like 40! I’ve had a few fun warm weather outfits I’ve been meaning to post but due to my back injured and it being way too hot I’ve missed the opportunity. I’m hoping to fit them in before it gets too cold though. I hate to push fall when it’s still warm out and the leaves are bright green but at this point we can just talk about an early fall wardrobe…Early fall vibes in New England. @ralphlaurenWe have a huge pond near our house that looks more like a lake. All summer long the kids get on the canoes for some fun and fishing. During the winter months it freezes completely and we get to ice skate on it. It’s such a lovely spot to go to and de-stress. Early fall vibes in New England. #preppystyleEarly fall vibes in New England.I found this warm and SUPER soft flag patch sweatshirt at Macy’s and it’s already sold out. But you can find it here and here in limited sizes. I would size down for a little more tailored fit. I love the nautical vibes and how great it looks paired with white jeans. I’m so over the ‘no white after Labor Day’. I love my white jeans and I’m definitely gonna keep wearing them before I switch to a softer winter white.

I’ll be heading out to Newport for the annual Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival coming up in two weeks. It’s always cooler by then and will definitely style the sweatshirt among the Newport boat life. Stay tuned for all the fun on that! In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to invest on a pair of Hunter Boots I highly recommend you do! They’re not just for fall or winter. I’ve had these Original Tall Boots for several years and they always get me out of a potential messy rainy day or a snow jam. Did you know you can fold them to fit nicely in your weekender? Early fall vibes in New England.Early fall vibes in New England.




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