Breville Barista Touch Espresso Review

Out with the old and in with the new. I thought I might begin the new year by cutting back on my caffeine intake and perhaps start walking a little more. Well, I’ve since found reasons not to do either, lol. I’ve also been meaning to write this post for over a month now so, apparently I must work on my productivity and time managing skills. Needless to say I’ve been distracted with other things around the house and if I’m gonna be honest, a sheer lack of motivation can really wreck havoc on the mind…

On to the task at hand. When my future daughter-in-law got her espresso machine several months ago that’s when I fell in love with the idea of getting my own! I never once considered getting an espresso maker until she started making her own lattes and cappuccinos. It’s such a fantastic gadget to have in the kitchen if you’re a coffee lover and I guess I must have voiced it enough times because husband took note and surprised me with this Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine. The days of multiple visits to Starbucks have now officially been slashed!

The espresso maker is definitely a game changer. I know it’s a bit of a splurge but when you love coffee as much as we do, it’s certainly worth having!

Making my own latte is just half the fun. Glor and I have spent days playing with it and thinking of the different flavors to add to our cups. We’re also working on our latte art. And now I can’t wait till summer to start making iced coffee drinks!

Here’s a little snippet Glor and I put together on TikTok (I’m still learning my way around that app as well, lol). How to make an at-home cup of latte…

True to its guide, the Breville Barista Touch really is super easy to manage. Every option is just a touch away. And as easy as it is to let the machine do just about all the work for you, you must take the time to learn it. Unfortunately my latte artwork is beyond recognition. It truly is pitiful and still very much a work in progress. And while making a great cup of latte or espresso is definitely much easier, we still have a little ways to go before we really get the hang of it.

While there exists plenty of videos on Youtube to help get you started on making a great cup of latte, nothing beats getting down and dirty. I’ve already wasted plenty of coffee cups trying to figure out a good balance but apparently this is the norm.

I started with a bag of dark roast French coffee beans but it turned out to be a major fail! Not at all what I expected. While I love rich bold coffee, I’m not keen on the bitterness you can end with IF you don’t know how to gauge it. I also read that the oils of dark roasted beans will eventually clump up in the grinder after much use, something to keep in mind. I’ve since settled for medium roast South American coffee beans and so far they taste sooo much better and a lot easier to balance.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect cup on the first try, forget about it. You’ll have to play with the machine many times over before finding what works for you. From choosing great beans, to the kind of filter to use for each individual cup you want to make. I don’t mind playing with the different options and I look forward to a fresh cup every time. Sometimes I add a little flavoring, hazelnut or vanilla and other times I settle for a regular cup of joe. Another thing, I much prefer whole milk over almond milk since it tastes better. Almond milk doesn’t fluff up as much when steaming anyway.

The Breville barista home espresso machine is a 10/10 recommend! Honestly it is okay to invest in quality products if they’re going to really serve you well for years. It’s definitely a fancy little thing but it makes wonders. I LOVE every morning’s cup! Making espresso at home is such a treat, you can’t beat that amazing aroma that can only come from freshly ground coffee.

When I was growing up my grandmother lived with us for some time. I remember her making coffee every single day before we went off to school. That early morning aroma of freshly brewed coffee still lingers in my mind. Her percolated coffee, some would call café noir, the ‘grows hair in the chest’ kind of coffee was always piping hot and so delicious. Years later, whenever I visited her she’d always make a fresh batch of coffee no matter the time of day. We’d visit and talk and drink coffee. Those moments I’ll always treasure. My last visit with her over a cup of coffee was when my daughter was 6 months… In loving memory Maria Luisa, 06/21/1913 – 03/10/2009


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