Wedding Season: Couple’s Photo Shoot

It’s that time of the year when lovely long white dresses and beautiful flowers spring into action. We’re kicking off the wedding season with plans of our own! Our son will be getting married next year and we’ve begun the wedding plans. Generally speaking, wedding season extends from late spring and continues through early fall, with weddings peaking in June and September. For this couple June is the month of choice…

Today I’m sharing a recent photo shoot we did for my son and his future bride. The photo session was fantastic and allotted us with incredible picks that will be incorporated into some of their upcoming pre-wedding events. We are thrilled at how beautiful the photos turned out. It’s not necessary all couples do a photo shoot but it’s definitely a fun way to get shots of the lovebirds which will come in handy for showcasing their love story.

My son proposed to his then girlfriend earlier this year while in Newport, RI. Obviously we were thrilled to have learned of the news! While it was a very cold day, everyone, but especially the newly betrothed, was on high spirits. The only chills we felt were of sheer happiness and excitement! We have since been ecstatic about the impending nuptials and the plans are very much on the way. The wedding will take place in June of 2022 and, you guessed it, in Newport, RI.

When the couple got engaged there were still many restrictions on businesses due to the pandemic so naturally they decided to wait a little before holding an engagement party. In CT most of the restrictions have since been lifted and no mask mandates in place. This just makes everything so much better, finally some form of normalcy.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for a big celebration! We’re now finalizing some of the details for the event next month and the party will help kick off the ‘official countdown’ to the wedding next year.

Finding a place for a ‘couples’ photo shoot will determine your personal theme. Our lovebirds will have a coastal wedding hence it was fitting to find a place that would help convey their preference. We were surrounded by beautiful gardens and a scenic coastline which gave us plenty to work with. Although the backgrounds are different, they all carried a common theme, love by the sea.

Our photo shoot took place on the grounds of the beautiful Eolia Mansion in Waterford, CT. You can enjoy panoramic views of Long Island Sound from the the elegant summer mansion of the Harkness family. Set on over 230 seaside acres of sweeping lawns it also features stately trees with spectacular English gardens. Eolia Mansion is available for weddings, private parties, seminars, conferences, luncheons and teas.

TIP: Why take engagement/couples photos? The best reason is because it’s a great opportunity for the couple to work with their wedding photographer for the first time. It’s also an excellent way for the couple to get comfortable in front of the lens. (Most photographers include an engagement session in their wedding photography packages.) After you’ve taken the photos you can submit a shot to your local paper with your engagement announcement, use them creatively in your save-the-dates, use as wedding day décor, or give framed prints as gifts to your families. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, are part of a wedding or are in hopes to plan a wedding of your own, my wish is that you find this couples photo guide helpful. I know there is so much involved when planning a wedding but taking the time for some great photos of just the two of you will be something you will forever remember and will just add to the excitement of the impending nuptials.

And there’s that, at least this part of their story.

More is sure to come…💐


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