Fun & Cozy Hot Chocolate Station

How to set up a simple and cozy Hot Chocolate Station.How to create a fun and cozy hot chocolate station.

The kids LOVE hot chocolate and every winter I make it for them over and over. After a day of playing in the snow or skiing at the mountain we sit by a fire with giant cups of delicious hot cocoa. Glor and I decided to make a little project this year while making our hot drinks. We set up a fun and cozy hot chocolate station by removing our coffee maker and putting together a winter wonderland spread of candies instead. Glor loved staging the candies, marshmallows, chocolate toppers, sugared sprinkles, cinnamon sticks and all the fun things we could find to flavor a mug of hot cocoa. I’m including my recipe for stovetop hot chocolate and you can go right ahead and add all of your favorite toppings! You can even make a grown up version of the drink by adding some rum or wine! 

Hot to set up a cozy Hot Chocolate Station.

[yumprint-recipe id=’73’]How to set up a simple and cozy Hot Chocolate station!


How to create a fun and cozy Hot Chocolate station!How to make stovetop hot chocolate.How to make the best hot chocolate!

Hope you get a chance to make this fabulous hot chocolate drink. I promise you will love it! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend friends.


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