How to Grow Paperwhites

How to grow paper whites for the winter season!Today I’m sharing a super easy way to grow Paperwhites during the drab winter season and at the same time add a splash of loveliness to your home decor. Paperwhites require not much else than to be potted and watered to produce clusters of fragrant blooms. Glor and I ‘planted’ our bulbs in ironstone serving bowls but you can plant them in any dish or tall glass you like. Paperwhites will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water, (soil if you choose) and stones or pebbles.

How to grow Paperwhites:

  • To “plant” your bulbs in a soilless container, begin by carefully placing a layer of stones or pebbles to a depth of about 2″ in a small vase or about 4″ in a larger vase.
  • Next place a layer of bulbs close to each other, roots facing down. Put stones or pebbles around and between the bulbs to anchor them in the vase while leaving the tops exposed.
  • Finally, add water until the level reaches just below the base of the bulbs, but no higher or they will rot.
  • When using soil, set the bulbs pointed end up on top of the mix. Space the bulbs very closely; they should almost touch. Then add more mix, covering the bulbs up to their necks and leaving the tips exposed. Water thoroughly.How to grow Paperwhites!Rooting and care:
  • Set your container or vase in a cool place (50-60°F is ideal) away from direct sunlight, (in years past I’ve kept them in the garage). Check the bulbs frequently and water thoroughly when the potting mix is dry (but not more than once a week until the bulbs begin active growth). This year I bought mine with active growth already, so I’ll be sitting them by a sunny window.
  • If your bulbs are in a bowl (a pot without a drainage hole), water with extra care: Bulbs sitting in soggy potting mix soon rot!
  • Once a week, tug gently on the bulbs to see if they have begun to produce roots. When your tug meets with firm resistance (usually about 3 weeks after potting), move the container to a sunny window.
  • Keep a close eye on watering. Bulbs in active growth can dry out in just a day or two.
  • When Paperwhites are grown indoors, they have a tendency to topple when they bloom. Hold them upright with bamboo stakes and twine (available at garden centers).
  • After Paperwhites finish blooming, throw the bulbs out. They won’t bloom again indoors.How to grow Paperwhites indoors.How to grow Paperwhites indoors.I’ve been getting questions on plant care since I posted my plants on insta stories. Just check back regularly for updates on all of my plants by clicking on my “Plants” tab in my bio. Hope you find this little craft useful as I’m sure you’ll love the end results! Can’t wait to see them bloom. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone!



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