Apple Picking Season

Every September I look forward to two main events; the annual Newport Wine & Food Festival and apple picking with the kids. This year Glor and I went alone because the boys were busy but it was just as fun if not more so. This time I actually let Glor climb up one of the trees to get the juiciest apples.Fall preppy fashion.Fall preppy outfit.Apple picking season. Fall preppy picking seasonIn previous years we’d visit Dondero Farms in Glastonbury for picking apples because they have an amazing orchard and it’s been a favorite of ours year after year. There is also a small shop where you can order your hot apple cider if the temperatures are cold enough and the best apple fritters you’ll ever find! This year over the summer we went blueberry picking at Rose’s Berry Farm also located in Glastonbury. They have a myriad of berries all summer long and we absolutely loved it so we decided to go back for the apples this season. Unfortunately we kind of went late in the season so I didn’t find the selection of apples as good as Dondero’s orchard but it definitely was equally as fun. bag full of apples. fall preppyAs we walked through the rows of apple trees we could smell the delicious apple scent! I hated to see all the lost apples on the ground because I feel it’s such a waste but the trees still had plenty for the pickings. As is usually the case, we filled my tote with giant glorious apples to the rim. I always share and give some to family and friends and I make sure Glor also takes an apple a day for snacking at school. I can’t wait to get started on my pies, fritters, dumplings and crips! You can search and find some of my apple recipes under desserts. CT orchards. Apple picking season. Wearing white jeans to an orchard for picking apples isn’t the smartest idea but it didn’t matter much. Usually I wear boots  and perhaps I should have because the day before it poured and the ground was still somewhat soggy but it all worked out. There was a chill in the air but still warm enough to wear loafer slides. These are one of my favorite shoes for the fall season when the temperatures still fluctuate. I also wore one of my softest pullovers in my favorite navy. It comes in 11 other amazing colors and is a great fall basic! My plaid scarf kept me warm and added the right amount of flare to an otherwise boring outfit, this is another fabulous picking season preppy style.fall casual preppy outfit.CT apple orchards.


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