Easy Peasy No Fuss Apple Pie

Glor and I went apple picking recently and brought home a huge load of sweet delicious apples. My family loves them so much because they’re so juicy and fresh! There’s just something about picking fresh produce and you can clearly taste the difference. We’ve been snacking on them daily and it was high time to make our first pie of the season. Making apple desserts are one of my favorite things to do during the fall and the girls loved helping. Glor and her cousin Marlee had the day off from school so we decided to get together and bake. The reason I’m featuring these two today is because as the title suggests, this is seriously the easiest apple pie you’ll ever make! I HIGHLY suggest you make my homemade pie crust but for an even easier recipe you can always get the store bought kind, but I warn you, it just won’t taste as good.How to make the easiest Apple Pie!I made two batches of my pie crust and let it sit in the fridge while I worked on the apples. I did the coring, peeling and slicing while the girls seasoned them nicely. As is always the case, the best part was rolling out the dough. I think they giggled and chatted more than actual work but they eventually got it done. I still have plenty of apples left and I’m hoping to sneak in one more recipe before they’re all gone! 

[yumprint-recipe id=’68’]How to make the easiest Apple Pie ever!


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