Decor with Coffee Table Books

Ahhh, the dog days of summer. If you haven’t done so yet, pick a day, any day, sit back and read a book. Just sit and read and ponder over the things…

When it comes to arranging a coffee table ‘look’ I go back and forth between seasonal objects or books and candles. I love seasonal items for obvious reasons but I’m also an avid reader and I gravitate toward books that have fantastic covers, even if the substance isn’t a topic I find interesting.

There was a time (before the internet) when I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest issue of a magazine in the mail. I was even a subscriber to ‘book of the month club’ remember that? Usually they would all end up piled somewhere for future reading or recaps.

I’ve since learned how to make books work for me around the house. When creating a coffee table look or a reading nook, use books that tie everything together (color scheme) and add dimension (small piles). Today I’m sharing book collection ideas that help create a lovely coffee table look.

How to create a coffee table look with books

Create your book spread by determining a color theme and then pick a topic that interests you, or vice versa. Some people like to stay within a specific topic but I like to have several on hand. I usually keep them within a season, e.g., gardening, architecture and travel are great topics for spring & summer while cooking, historical novellas or interiors are great picks for fall & winter. The key is to maintain a color theme and good sizing among the books. This will ensure balance and maintain your personal aesthetics.





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