The Face Filter Issue

Over the weekend I found out about the latest filter that is taking over the influencer world (and everyone in between) by storm. It’s the latest of many face filters that people run to in order to make themselves look better. If you’re not caught up with the latest trend then let me help bring you up to speed. It’s called the “Bold Glamour” face filter on TikTok and as you can imagine it’s a huge thing.

See, this is the very thing that grinds my gears. I follow very successful influencers and like so many of you I really hate the fact that they use filters for just about everything. They also claim that the makeup or skincare they use and promote helps keep their face and skin in near perfect condition. No thanks to the Kardashian/Jenner clan for selling unattainable and unrealistic goals to the average person.

But as you can clearly see from my example, all you have to do is use a filter to get that near perfect look without having to do much. I know people who choose to get ‘work done,’ which by the way I’m personally not opposed to, but I believe you should be honest about it with your audience. You don’t need to go into detail but you should say something and not mislead your followers. I feel that the more you share with your audience the more they’ll appreciate and respect you for it.

This particular filter is quite extraordinary in that unlike other filters it literally moves with you. You can put your hands on your face and it won’t affect the filter at all, which in turn makes you look especially real. It’s amazing and scary because lets say you’re on a dating app, you are now much less likely to get what you see on that profile.

If you follow influencers that swear by certain products, well they’re likely just selling you gimmicks and not being honest. Remember they’re getting paid by brands to sell you stuff. If you rely heavily on them for honest reviews there is a high possibility that they’re either exaggerating or lying.

A face filter like this one sets the bar pretty low and is a prime example of what happens behind the camera with beauty influencers that overhype products. The old adages are true, buyer beware, if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is…


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