Glor’s 8th Grade Dance

I don’t think there’s much else that is more fun for a thirteen year old girl than getting all glammed up for her very first dance! I brought Glor to the team at Sephora for a fun makeup sesh before her dance and oh my did she love it!

The makeup tech did such a fabulous job. I loved that she gave her a fantastic look without a ‘grown up’ look. She did such an amazing job, the best part, dad approved!

After her makeup we got her hair done and finally got her all dolled up for the dance. We ordered her dress last month and was relieved when it arrived just in time for the dance. I really wanted her to pick a dress with a brighter color since it’s spring but she wanted to wear a dress ‘a la old Hollywood glam’ with sparkly high heels, so, why not, it was after all her night. The entire outfit fit her to a T and she looked so beautiful!

With all the rush and excitement we forgot to snap photos with her! It was my fault, ughhh! She just wanted to be with her friends. Even then we literally just took a few snapshots before they all ran into the school to party! Note to self: we can’t repeat this come prom season!!!

She did manage to send me some pics from the dance:

Next up is promotion day. Then we’ll officially have a High Schooler in the house all over again… ❤️

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