Nautical Vibes Piano Room Makeover

Piano room nautical vibes decor.Our piano room makeover happened by chance. We had a sudden leak in one corner of the room which then led to the makeover. The room faces northeast and is flooded with sunlight most mornings. This gave me the idea to go with a summery/nautical theme. It is also where I keep my pretty plants since they require a lot of sunlight. 

I named the Piano Room shortly after we inherited the almost 100 year old baby grand piano from my mother in law when she decided to down size her home years ago. She couldn’t find a place for it in the new home and we were lucky enough to have plenty of room in our house for it. It was perfect timing because my second son wanted to take piano lessons and we didn’t have to go out and buy one. He played it for years when he was younger but not as much anymore. My daughter taps on it from time to time but doesn’t seem to show a strong interest for learning the keys. As it stands, it’s a beautiful family heirloom as well as a fabulous piece of working furniture. It holds favorite family portraits, my lovely split leaf philodendron plant and this gorgeous blue and white vase.Blue and white piano room decor.I originally had two large prints of a Tuscan vineyard on the wall next to the piano but decided to get rid of them for a more appropriate look. I arranged a small gallery of summer picks consisting mainly with a nautical theme. I love the hospitable meaning behind pineapples which is why I have them throughout the house. This print on canvas was just too darling to pass up, not to mention the colors blend so perfectly. I also added this super fun Moby Dick print on wood (a favorite summer read) and a New England classic! And you can’t go wrong with a round rope mirror. It gives dimension to the collage (you can never have too many mirrors) and to ties it all in. The bottom print directly behind me I had made into a print on canvas of a photo I took last year at the beach. The gallery is made up of favorite themes and things that are a constant reminder of summer fun.How to create a preppy nautical gallery wall.Piano room blue and white decor.

I guess you can call my decor eclectic vintage mod. While I like a farmhouse look I don’t necessarily like to fill my home with  raw country picks. I love vibrant colors, antiques and classic pieces. Most of the furniture in this room I’ve collected over the years and they fill the room nicely.

The red victorian settee is an antique my husband brought home one day when the sellers of a home didn’t want it anymore. The original fabric was green and had lots of rips and tears and couldn’t be salvaged so I had it reupholstered in the red floral. The arm chair is another antique piece and a favorite of mine. I found it at a local shop and it too had ripped dirty fabric. I went out and bought a couple of yards of off white linen fabric, had it treated for stain proofing and reupholstered it myself (proud moment)! Coco loves sitting on it to look out the window for squirrels and birds. The round piecrust tea tables are also antique finds I brought home from Newport, RI.Eclectic decor with blue and white.Decorating with ginger jars.The blue and white ginger jars are recent finds that are easily available. You can find different variations and sizes here, here and here. The two smaller ones are old pieces from a yard sale. The large stripes cabana curtain window panels are my favorite accents of the entire room. It just brightens up the room and pulls it all together. I decided to keep the pillows simple with solids, gingham and stripes. They add a touch of summer freshness and in keeping with the overall look of the room. 

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I originally had a dark oriental rug and decided to swap it out for this lighter jute rug. I love how it blends so well and adds a semi-rustic touch to the room. I love how it looks and feels so soft on my feet. It was the perfect addition to the room without costing a bundle. I found this one here and there are more options here as well.

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The rocking chair was a gift from one of my brother in laws when we had our first born. I remember many a nights rocking my son to sleep after nursing him. This too has become a family favorite and sways nicely by the window when I sit to read a book.Nautical vibes decor with blue and white.Rosa Diana and Coco.wearing this top (30% off now!) and gingham skinny ankle pants (extra 40% off + 10% now!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting another corner of my home and I hope you found it inspirational in some way. When decorating always keep in mind that personal touches is always best.


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