Wardrobe Capsule: Summer Style

I love it when I can grab a few essential items from the closet in a moment’s notice. It’s the absolute best especially on those times when I’m not quite sure what to wear. That’s what a ‘wardrobe capsule’ does for me. I don’t have to think about it! Over the years I’ve maintained a few favorites that I go to again and again but I like to add to this capsule whenever newer pieces are available. I also like to keep my color palette simple, (blue & white for this gal) because it allows me to mix and match my outfits and I can always dress them up or down with just a few fun accessories.

TIP: When shopping for a wardrobe capsule look for classic staples made of good quality that will give you more mileage while avoiding the need for a whole new wardrobe every season.

wardrobe capsule summer picks:


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