Fall Handbags to Fall For

Now that fall is officially here I can begin using fall accessories. I finally stored away all of my summer handbags and brought out some of my old fall faves. Honestly though, I think I’m in need of a little makeover in this department. Some of my darker spicier bags seem so dated that I don’t like them as much. Perhaps I’ll put some on my Poshmark list of things to sell. In the meantime, I’m gushing over some of these newer cooler looking bags of which I have at least a couple on my wish list to replace the older ones with.

I’m a HUGE Dooney & Bourke fan. I prefer this brand over any other for handbags and I absolutely love them. I have this crossbody and it’s perfect for hands free travel and casual wear. I love the deep blue color and I typically pull it out in the fall, so you may see more of it in the coming months. I also have this lovely satchel in white leather and another in a gorgeous pink peony color.  Both are currently not available for obvious reasons, (here’s a look at what the white leather looks like and this one’s on clearance)! The black leather version of the satchel is an absolutely gorgeous bag for the fall season! And I also have a smooth patent leather tote very much like this one. It’s still one of my old favorites to date and so easy to clean with a classic look.

I’ve had my googly eyes on this one and this one. I love the soft simple curves and neutral tones on the first bag. The second bag I love because of it’s vivid fall colors. The only thing is that it may be too trendy. I’m not sure that I’ll always love the color combo… but I must say they both are fabulous! It looks like they will play well with just about anything I put on, whether denim or dresses, these bags are stylish and classy!

Here are a few others I’ve been looking at as of late. Although I’m not a huge fan of ‘croc’ patterned leather, these make a gorgeous statement and are classy and chic!

Although totes are always my go-to bags, these made the cut for function and style:


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