Projector Movie Nights

On a previous post I talked about our little backyard picnic where I also mentioned how much fun we had watching movies outdoors. While we thought of using the projector during the summer (and we did) when the days are longer, I didn’t want to continue to wait till past eight o’clock to start a movie. So, now that it’s cooler it’s also a great time and season to watch movies outdoors and by a roaring fire!

I have to admit this was not something I anticipated enjoying. My son’s girlfriend gifted him a projector and screen for viewing movies for their camping activities. Who would’ve thought it would become such a huge hit! Now that the wether is cooler and the evening darkness creeps in a lot sooner it’s a great way to continue to enjoy the outdoors.

The boys built a natural stone fire pit for warming up and of course roasting marshmallows. I put together an appetizer spread and gathered the kids and friends for a blast. It’s been a fun way to break the monotony of routine and fun way of bringing the family together. And I have to say, we don’t miss going to the movies at all since anything new is just a click away!

We hung the screen from the trees and it was the perfect way to watch movies. It’s probably better than a stand alone screen because I think the wind can easily topple it over. If you don’t have trees to anchor the screen like we did you can obviously use a stand or attach to a blank wall of the house or garage.

We have ROKU and we’re able to watch HULU, NETFLIX, PRIME VIDEO and DISNEY+ which together offers an array of streaming picks for viewing, so we’re not missing out on options. The projector has a built in audio which is pretty good but we link our portable Bose Wave speaker for real movie theater surround sound. All you need is a little Bluetooth know-how and you’re good to go!

Our new go-to for weekend movie nights is now in our own back yard. And it’s definitely better than I imagined it would be. The projector, a 70’s trend, is now the latest in-home entertainment. It lends movie theater quality but the experience feels so much better!


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