Glor’s First Day of High School!

It’s Glor’s first day of High School! Actually I’m a day late writing this post. Her first day of school was yesterday. I’m feeling so happy and excited for her and look forward to hearing all about her day and all the things she experiences the first few days in a new school.

Yesterday when I picked her up at the end of the day she looked a little overwhelmed but that quickly faded away and was replaced with a look of relief as soon as she got in the car. She took a deep breath and began to talk about her day. It was great listening to her go on about the teachers and subjects and the kids and classrooms and everything in between all the way home.

It’s what I love most about being a mom, her mom, the moments I get with her. The one on one, the moments that mean so much to her that only we get to share.

This is a gentle reminder that time waits for no-one. There isn’t much else that will show you how fast time flies as much as your last. My baby just began High School!


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