Spring Trench

I have a few new outfits to wear this spring and all I can come up with is a pair of jeans, a trench coat and hunter boots. The weather is not cooperating for spring outfits and with the Coronavirus outbreak it’s become harder to find places to do a nice photo shoot…
Spring trench and hunter boots.Since I’m walking more and exploring new sites to keep us from getting bored, I also find myself reaching for the basics; joggers, jeans, leggings and jackets. It’s been raining the last couple of days but I decided to bring out the camera and shoot some pics anyway. Connecticut has many pockets of natural beauty that you can find scattered among the cities and suburbs. We went exploring Blackledge Falls Park in our neighboring town of Glastonbury for a couple hours.Spring trenches and Hunter boots.#hunterfield Hunter boots.It’s funny that I’ve come up with a million places I want to visit that normally I wouldn’t have thought of. So I made a list and hopefully will get to them soon. I guess that’s what desperation does to ya. And though I’m not traveling anywhere (yet) I’ve had days where I end up getting dressed just for the heck of it. Then I return to reality and put on leggings.

I didn’t think I would have to pull out my boots but here we are. This outfit is great for the spring and fall seasons but you can also adjust by wearing a tee and shorts instead for the summer months. I ended up taking off the trench during our hike halfway up the trail because I got so hot. The breeze was awesome and the landscape beautiful. It was an afternoon well spent. There were other hikers and some families with kids running around nearby but everyone kept to themselves.Trench coats and Hunter boots.I don’t know why, but the falls are usually much bigger and fuller than this. We’ve had a lot of rain this past winter so I was hoping for a lot more water falling. But it was still a pretty sight and it was also nice to hear the sound of running water and the birds chirping about… Blackledge Falls, CTIt’s nice to get out and do some exploring especially if you can do it near your home. I’m ever so grateful for that. In the grand scheme of things I’m thankful for the freedom we have, for good health and that we have each other…

Blackledge Falls Park by itself is an easy, family-friendly hike or a single track mountain bike ride. It has a slight elevation gain enough to get your heart pumping. The entire parcel holds an 80 acre loop trail that is approximately 1.5 miles. There are some steep hills and several shallow water crossings. I found a few unmarked, intersection trails that you can take if you need to adjust the distance or avoid terrain. This versatile, but relatively short trail system is great for getting the heart going or for spending some time relaxing in the woods enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is absolutely amazing during the fall season during the height of the fall foliage.



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