The New Apple Watch Series 5

I have to begin by saying I don’t consider myself a ‘techy’ person. I’m not a boomer either but I’m not a techy. I mean, I love my Mac and my iPhone but I’m not one of those people who run to get the latest tech gadget. I have been however, hinting to get an Apple Watch for a little while now. I have several watches that I really love (except for the fact that I have to keep replacing batteries) and I really have no reason to add another one to the collection. Having said that, I’ve been thinking about how to motivate myself more into exercising while keeping track of my activity levels. Hence the Apple Watch. My husband just gifted me the Apple Watch Series 5 along with a fantastic new dual wireless charging pad for both watch and phone and I’m super excited about it!The new Apple Watch Series 5

As an influencer I’m constantly on my phone or computer updating, posting and researching all sorts of things. As of late though, I’ve been trying really hard to focus on disconnecting from my phone more and more. Although the watch would offer me the technology to remain connected, it would also force me in a way to lay low. What I’m hoping to achieve with the watch are two things, motivation for upping my activity levels while distancing myself from mindless activity on social media.

Because I’m new to the Apple Watch, I really can’t compare to that of previous versions. The Series 5 is available as apparently has a display that never sleeps. When I wear it the screen never goes dark and when I raise my arm to view time it brightens up immediately. And so far it isn’t something that bothers me at night like I thought it would. I lay it on my night stand overnight to charge but it stays dark unless I touch it.

There are four cases to choose from in two sizes, 40 and 44mm, and you can pair them with any band you want and most name brand retailers already have styles to also choose from; e.g., Kate Spade!  My husband thought I would like the rose gold but they were sold out so he picked the next classic best, a silver 44mm case with a white band. The cases available are aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic or titanium.The new Apple Watch series 5

My reason for wanting the Apple Watch was to help me keep track of my health and fitness goals. The watch also has apps to keep an eye on your heart. How cool is that! You can get a quick read on your heart rate, or check your heart rhythm with the ECG app. You can pair it to most health & fitness apps to keep track of all of your activities and you can also create a fan team where other Apple Watch users on your contact list can help cheer you on your fitness goals! With advanced workout metrics, GPS, and water resistance to 50 meters, it’s made for all the ways you exercise. The Series 5 GPS + Cellular works best with AirPods because the technology makes it so you can go for a run, stream music and track your workouts without your phone, genius! And another thing, the new Cycle Tracking app makes it easy to log information about your menstrual cycle. 😉

The Apple Watch Series 5 is really something to behold. The technology is mind blowing with sooo many features. From tracking your movement, to streaming music, compass location, answering emails, shopping, texting and much more. Not to mention the endless ways you can customize the look of your watch! I won’t go into detail about all the stuff but I just wanted to cover the main reason for getting it, that of tracking my movements for fitness and exercise while staying connected and leaving my phone behind!The new Apple Watch Series 5He did good. He really knows me. He bought me the kind I would’ve picked out for myself. And did I mention you can get it in any case, with any band in any style you want, with or without cellular service? They even have a dramatic Hermès collection! Do you have the Apple Watch? How do you like it?..


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