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In today’s beauty post I’m concentrating on targeting fine lines and winter moisture. Although I’ve been gifted with good skin I do find myself at the cusp of fine lines and lack of moisture more than ever. I’ve always taken great care of my skin especially  when I was much younger and perhaps that’s why I don’t show much signs of aging. Although I’ve used many different products over the years to help combat environmental toxins, I truly believe in good skincare from the inside out. What you put in your body really does make a difference, e.g. smoking or alcohol can really do some damage. Fortunately I don’t do either except for the occasional glass of wine with a fine meal.

My skin doesn’t fall in the dry or oily categories, nor is it exactly combination. My skin reacts to the elements and during the winter time it tends to get dryer. During the summer months I still moisturize on a daily basis but I concentrate on sun protection the most. Which brings me to these Rodan+Fields skincare products. They were gracious enough to send me these fabulous gifts for me to try and I must say they are definitely a game changer! I follow a very basic skincare routine which consists of cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. No matter what product I use this is my holy daily regimen! Before receiving these products I answered a questionnaire about what are my skin concerns and what I’d like to target, a great way for starting a new skincare brand. Based on my answers Rodan+Fields sent me the products that would suit me best. 

The Redefine Treatment specifically targets fine lines, pores and loss of firmness, right up my alley. I’m a creature of habit and at times find it difficult to adapt to new things, the same goes for my beauty products. But as soon as I opened the jars the lightly scented products won me over and so did the ingredients in them!

  • DAILY CLEANSING MASK  Cleansing, exfoliating face mask for smoother, younger-looking skin. This is the beginning of a good skincare treatment that preps your skin for the intake of good ingredients.
  • PORE MINIMIZING TONER  Gently Exfoliates & minimizes the appearance of pores. This step is not one I do every single time but it is especially great for those times when you’re cleansing and removing tons of makeup!
  • TRIPLE DEFENSE TREATMENT SPF 30  AM Triple Defense moisturizer with SPF visibly firms skin, moisturizes and provides sun protection. An absolute must! I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is in maintaining good skin health!
  • OVERNIGHT RESTORATIVE CREAM  Ultra-moisturizing night cream for visibly firmer skin with the appearance of fewer wrinkles. Another step that is a must! Rest is essential for good health and loading up on a good moisturizer at night helps with restoring your skin’s natural moisture while giving you a great canvas for the next day!

Good skincare also includes an all over body treatment. The Every Body Set exfoliates and hydrates your body for soft, smooth skin with a touch of sunless color. During the winter months I need extra moisturizing for my legs and arms. And since the sun is hiding most of the time my legs go on vacation too and I end up with very pale legs. The sunless tanner is a great fixer for that!

  • MICRO-DERMABRASION PASTE  A body and face scrub, it sloughs away dulling, dead skin cells and encourages younger, more vibrant cells to surface for brighter, smoother-looking skin after just one use. I love using this especially after shaving my legs for super soft skin and also love the citrus scent.
  • ACTIVE HYDRATION BODY REPLENISH  A body moisturizing cream that delivers immediate and continuous body hydration and helps prevent future moisture loss, resulting in younger-looking, younger-acting skin. I love that this cream is scentless since I occasionally use body scented spritzers.
  • FOAMING SUNLESS TAN  This is a lightweight and oil-free formula that’s easy to apply and dries quickly on your skin leaving you with a natural-looking tan without exposing your skin to the harmful, aging effects of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Great for the winter months!

Rodan+Fields has a skincare Regimen to address every skin concern. The REDEFINE, REVERSE, UNBLEMISH and SOOTHE Regimens simplify your routine to a few easy steps. You get the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order for amazing results, they call this Multi-Med Therapy. I’m currently loving these products and how they help treat my skin. I highly recommend you give them a try.

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Special thanks to Rodan+Fields. All opinions and views are strictly my own.


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